8 Ways To Minimize Your Dog’s Travel Anxiety And Get A Stress-Free Vacation

Our pets notice everything – even the slightest change.  They know when something is up and want to make sure they are included in whatever exciting activity you have planned! Hence their tendency to follow around your suitcase to showcase their travel anxiety.

 Travel Anxiety: 8 Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

Every vacation season brings its own share of activities but there are some things that always get our pets pretty excited… visiting guests, new places to explore, changes in feeding schedules, new friends to meet and maybe more outdoor cooking than usual.  All of this can turn your pet’s normally calm and collected personality into a frustrated, frazzled, and, well, mischievous dog filled.

How to minimize your pup’s Travel Anxiety

There are things that you can do as a loving pet parent to minimize your pet’s travel anxiety and make life easier for the whole family:

  1. Keep your dog on a regular schedule – this includes food and grooming.
  2. Limit the amount of travel that you do with your pet. But also make sure you have a good pet sitter if you do travel without them.
  3. Limit the number of guests that come over to your house (and only bring over the nice ones who give belly rubs and treats please).
  4. Don’t leave things lying around for your pet to “dig around in” just because you are away from home… because your pet will be curious.  And all those new decorations in the rental home look like fun play toys so it might be best to keep them out of your pet’s reach.
  5. As much as your dog may beg, table scraps are not good for pets so please do not tempt them.
  6. Keep introductions of new friends (pets or people) to a minimum so as not to over-stimulate me.
  7. Take a walk around the vacation location where your pet might explore to make sure there is nothing they could get into, eat or hurt themselves with in the vicinity. There may even be snakes or other varmint that could harm your pet. Better safe than sorry!
  8. Don’t let grilling get too casual – if you drop food on the ground (or your guests do), your dog is likely to find it and try it out which could lead to digestive issues down the road.

Take your pup for regular walks and Consider a Crate

The easiest way to create a stress-free escape for your pet is to take them for regular walks and runs to reduce anxiety. Be sure to keep us close to you with a nice, strong collar and leash and consider taking a crate along to protect your pet and the housing at your vacation spot of choice.

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